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Helios - "Breakfuxathon"

One major aspect why we at EARMILK love Helios (Keith Kenniff) is his sense of chill and the utter lack of urgency that pervades his tracks. Similar to the way in which we feel about listening to music from Engineers, his music has the ability to lower blood pressure, making for good tunes to wind your day down with. For whatever reason, Helios pulled an unusual fast one on us. Though this track is fairly old, it's definitely worth mentioning and sharing it's glory to the world. "Breakfuxathon" is nothing like his previous pieces. If you were expecting airy, soothing effects with a side of ice cream, you're dead wrong. Helios composed this track for a contest that Planet Mu held back in 2001 and but only recently released it into the wild. 

"Breakfuxathon" points that genre needle to the other end of the musical spectrum. In the starting seconds, you may notice a slight difference in tempo and mood, but nothing too out of the ordinary from a typical Helios track. All too soon you blindsided by the introduction of a booming base and effected snare claps. It send you into a world that mixes breakbeat and trip-hop. He still incorporates that 'Helios' ambient signature in the background to further layer this wonderfully addicting beat. For a producer who spends most of his time dabbling in ambient and chill music, Helios has made one helluva splash with his first foot forward into this new direction. He clearly demonstrates that he has game in this scene. We can only hope that he also continues down this new potential path sooner or later. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/60209962" iframe="true" /]

Drumstep · Electronic · Experimental · IDM


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Ppl like you get all the brsian. I just get to say thanks for he answer.