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Little People - "Aldgate Patterns"

Little People always awes us with his production and creativity. He is know for his varying electronic downtempo style, which is a major playing factor in his recent break-through and success. Quickly following up his latest EP Unreleased Bits & Pieces Pt. 2, he announced the release of a single from his upcoming album We Are But Hunks of Wood, due to drop October 9. The recently released tune is called "Aldgate Patterns". 

Get comfortable, because "Aldgate Patterns" takes you on a seven-minute majestic and mystical journey. The track starts with soft piano, but quickly shifts into an almost experimental style with the introduction of electronic effects and strings. All the while, it continues to dynamically change. The song picks up with a slightly more dominant beat with edgier chimes and synths. These elements continue to frequent throughout the track, fading in and out with one another. This track embodies Little People's bold move to another realm where we uncommonly see him, and we like that. Perhaps it's a sign for what is to come on We Are But Hunks of Wood?. He has also released an official music video for "Aldgate Patterns", which helps us visualize this majestic track even better. Snag it HERE.

Little People, big sounds. 

Stream: Little People - Aldgate Patterns

Downtempo · Electronic


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