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COMPLEX Presents: The History of EDM, Part 1: Disco

Excerpt from COMPLEX:

Just as James Brown is the “Godfather of Soul,” disco is the godfather of electronic dance music. To any EDM fan, the influence is clear. Disco employed soaring melodies with reverberated pulsation, grounded by a baseline of punctuated percussive beats (this should very sound familiar). Disco’s style made it the perfect complement to, and at least partly responsible for, the meteoric rise of dance clubs in the 1970s (the heyday for club culture). If you’re not convinced disco’s emergence was a big deal for nightlife, just imagine what a “dance club” was like before disco was around. (Picture yourself doing “The Twist” over and over and over again, and you’ll pretty much get the gist.)

Like most popular movements, there are disputes over when exactly disco emerged. Most place it in the early 1970s, when artists like Isaac Hayes and Barry White were first becoming popular. Others date it to the late 1960s, when dances such as the Watusi........

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