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#Mashup Monday - Week 71

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop you're searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO!

First off I want to thank everyone who participated in the Kap Slap Headphone giveaway. It feels great to be able to give back to the devoted followers of not only Mashup Monday but the artists as well. So without further ado, the winner of the #KapSlapMashupMonday [email protected] So if you're reading this, please tweet me (@ItsGutz) or hit me up in an email - [email protected], so that we can get you those headphones.

Now to the music. Wasn't really feeling the submissions and tracks sent my way this week. That's not to say that this week is lacking in quality, but rather I had to scour a bit more for some hidden gems. Still managed to get almost 15 tracks, which is certainly a number I'm happy with. However, what needs to be highlighted first and foremost is D.veloped's Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice. The 2nd project in D.veloped's Work Party series isn't as long as Kap Slap's "Back To School" mix, but it's definitely worthy of being played alongside it. You're going to get a little bit of everything when you put in 2 Weeks Notice ranging from a little bit of funkiness, some trap, some moombah, and that good ole D swagger. Absolute fire for 40 straight minutes.

And switching gears to some chiller mashups, I'd like to take note of Mighty Mike's "Alive and Kissing" as well as Ricky Cervantes' "Gorilla Lullaby". Mighty Mike employs some Simple Minds and M.I.A. to create a mash that gives Mathangi Arulpragasam a more emotional essence. M.I.A. can certainly be an explosive artist, as witnessed by her Super Bowl performance, but Mighty Mike brings her down to earth in a more calming manner. Ricky, on the other hand, takes (seemingly) every masher's recent go-to edit, Frail Limb Purity's edit of The Cure's "Lullaby". Last week, DJ Prophet mashed it with M.I.A. (am I hearing a theme?), but Ricky chooses to go with some good ole Gorillaz. I'm split as to which mash I like more, so I leave it for you to decide. Hit me up in the comments to sound off.

The final track that I want to highlight is 8corporation's "Every Little Gambino She Does Is Childish", which incidentally is part of an EP that deals Childish Gambino - found here. As soon as I started hearing Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' "Home", my interest level perked up. The overall sequencing and layering of the track works, though I do think it could be cleaned up a bit more. By that, I mean that some sections could be isolated a bit more to really make it stand out but I'm definitely still a fan. I'm certainly a sucker for "Home" - I'm talking to you Jane Doze and that section of your live set at Studio Paris - but more than anything, I'm a sucker for good music and mashups. So keep sending in your submissions, and let's get you up on Mashup Monday.

Download Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice

Download: Mighty Mike - Alive and kissing

Download: Ricky Cervantes - Gorilla Lullaby (feat. Frail Limb Purity)

Download: Childish Gambino ft. Bon Iver, The Police, Edward Sharpe, Paul Simon, Mumford & Sons, Jónsi - Every Little Gambino She Does Is Childish - 8corporation Mashup

Download: No Pets Allowed - We Are Never Ever Coming Home Again (Taylor Swift x Kanye West)

Download: DJ Wobby - Til The Feathers Echo

Download: Elocnep - The Way Bart B More Shaves It Makes Me Feel Human On The Weekends

Download: DJ Schmolli - The One That Breaks The Stand (2012)

Download: Djs From Mars - Guns N Killers Sweet Child Of Brightside

Download: Marc Johnce - Perfect Party Breathing (Radio Edit)

      - Miss Murder's Personal Jesus (Celldweller Klash-Up)

Download: Paramore ft. Simple Plan / envision. - Pressure In Paradise

Download: Compson Sound - The Veldt Edge In My Life (Deadmau5 x Coldplay x The Beatles x Lady Gaga)


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  • this first mix is unbelievable 40 min of "gold"... as well as the one with childish gambino. keep em coming

    Avatar meowmix182 September 17, 2012 11:54 PM Reply
  • For some reason, Earmilk put it as stream only so if you want the download to the track here it is: http://soundcloud.com/compsonsound/the-veldt-edge-in-my-life

    Avatar Compson Sound September 18, 2012 2:37 PM Reply
  • I'm feeling this post a lot more then last you got back to the EDM side of things keep it real not chill

    Avatar Nico Cash September 18, 2012 3:07 PM Reply
  • The GnR/Killers mix is fantastic, can't wait to drop that in my sets this weekend!

    Avatar ED-YYZ September 18, 2012 5:58 PM Reply
  • Childish gambino and police.....brilliant

    Avatar Crispy September 18, 2012 6:28 PM Reply
  • Have yo seen this? these guys are copy pasting all your articles http://mp3foundry.com/category/mash-up/

    Avatar djadamr October 7, 2012 12:14 AM Reply

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