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Wax - "Outta My Mind" (Unplugged Series) [Video]

Welcome back to this week's Unplugged video series from Wax. Similar to the way Billy Joel's "Piano Man" had the generation before us at the local bar with a beer in hand, celebrating life with strangers, Wax's "Outta My Mind" evokes those same kinds of feel-good, "forget-it-all" type feelings. Unlike "Piano Man", however, the LA emcee wastes no time getting into his high energy, melodic party anthem, complete with a piano accompaniment. He also has no reservations sharing that he'd rather be completely out of his mind than dealing with reality, interjecting humorous anecdotes about losing a girlfriend to dirty laundry and being Michael Jordan in between each verse of his good time serenade. Always funny, never bashful, Wax delivers some honest lyrical insight yet again. Consider this a Monday pick-me-up from your weekend hangover.



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