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Steven A. Clark - Fornication Under Consent of the King [Album]


Steven A. Clark

Fornication Under Consent of the King

  • L&E Media Co./BloodyGround USA
  • September 11. 2012

After teasing listeners with steady stream of leaks from his long-awaited follow-up LP to his 2011 Stripes EP, Miami based singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark has delivered his new cleverly titled full-length project Fornication Under Consent of the King. A fast rising name in the indie R&B world,the ever emotive Clark shows off his skills on the mic, behind the boards and with the pen with his latest release.

Download: Steven A. Clark - Lonely Roller ft. J.Nics

Featuring original songwriting and production handled primarily by Clark and one lone guest spot from fellow Miami artist J. Nics ("Lonely Roller"), Clark's long-awaited LP lives up to the hype and proves to have been well worth the wait this past summer. The soulful crooner emotes his way through the ten-track album that includes stand out tracks such as "Don't Have You", the electronic-tinged mid-tempo record "Seashore" and the album's closing track "Superhero Re:Orchestrated".

Download: Steven A. Clark - She's In Love

Download: Steven A. Clark - Superhero Re:Orchestrated

Stream the 10-track LP HERE (download via the cover art + album title above) and enjoy three solid cuts off Steven A. Clark's Fornication Under Consent of the King.

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7 years ago

The download link doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have a working one?