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Johnny Astro - "Goodnight America" (Feat. Adele)

Johnny Astro (Ronnie Gaither), from Arlington, Texas, has been making music since he was 13. He tries to touch upon all genres and styles, not wanting to be limited by the boundaries of one type of music. The flow in his works is quite stellar, especially in his latest track, "Good Night America". Though this track is somewhat dated, its existence is worth mentioning. It took me an unusually long time to analyze this song, being that hip-hop usually doesn't frequent my radar as much as other types of music. However, this particular piece by Astro caught my ear. 

"Goodnight America" kicks things off with a 30-second soliloquy by Denzel Washington from the movie The Great Debaters. The sampled quote is very powerful, setting the mood and tone for Astro's epic introduction. Not to mention that he also sampled instrumentals and the chorus from Adele's "Someone Like You". "Goodnight America" is extremely addicting and will put you in a strange, feel-good mood. It's hard to say what made this particular track appeal to me so much. Is it the fantastic lyrics? Is it the well-paced flow? All I know is, every element in this tune plays off of one another, boosting its repeat value to new heights. I definitely wouldn't mind Astro cranking out these types of tunes. 

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