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Area 6 - "Bunda"

Area 6 has been keeping himself pretty busy this past months with live sets and performances. But recently, he now seems to be back in the groove of things, laying out everything on the floor. Area 6 is an 18-year-old electronic music producer and DJ based out of Providence, Rhode Island. He is known for his wildly successful remixes and mashups, though recently has tossed us an out-of-the-blue original track for us to chew on. "Bunda" is a completely original track that enters a territory he has rarely ventured into.

"Bunda" is the most recent work by Area 6. This track heavily leans on aspects of trap with a dominant Middle Eastern influence. This is most prominent in the very first seconds of the song and is repeated throughout the entirety. This tune isn't very bass heavy compared to his usual style. Instead, he introduces the use of sirens and very truncated vocal loops to create that trap feel and beat. I honestly think the siren effect would irritate me, except I soon found out that it makes the song for what it is and ended up enjoying that addition. Even though he doesn't crank out tunes at a high rate like a lot of other producers, the few tunes he puts out every now and then are almost always of quality and of high repeat value. "Bunda" is a definite must in your party playlist. 

So come and get it.

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