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Wax - "Jukebox" (Unplugged Series) [Video]

Late pass for this post -- Labor Day derailed us a bit. Last week, we posted Wax's rambunctious party jam, "Get It In" as part of his Unplugged video series, a throwback to some of the LA emcee's best work, performed live and acoustic. This week, we advise you give "Jukebox" a few listens to get the full Big Wax effect as every line he spits or sings rings with hilarious truth. If you've ever felt the slightest bit of resentment toward the nightclub industry, with its arbitrary dress code regulations and ratchet drink prices, you'll identify with every word emerging from Wax's mouth. "Take me to a place where I can drink like a savage / where people are ugly / and beer prices are savage", Wax croons with a sensibility we all can identify with. The rest of the song won't disappoint.

DJ Booth has joined up with us to co-present Wax's Unplugged series so be sure to keep it locked on both sites to catch the next video, to be released next Monday.



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