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Dirty South & Alesso - "City Of Dreams" (Feat. Ruben Haze)

Dirty South and Alesso can literally do no wrong right now. These two have absolutely torn up the summer and just as it reaches its end, they come together to create one of the most beautiful, euphoric songs of 2012. I haven't been this excited about a collaboration in a very long time and their latest song "City of Dreams" definitely lives up to the highest expectations. Dirty South's long-time partner in releases - vocalist Ruben Haze creates a beautiful hook that flawlessly glides over emotional guitar strumming. The song suddenly expands bringing on Alesso's stuttering, tremolo synth lines that bounce over top of the song. This all follows to bring in the melody of the drop and right in that moment ladies and gentlemen, you have festival material.

Stream:Dirty South & Alesso feat. Ruben Haze - City Of Dreams (Original Mix) 

Dance · Progressive


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