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Noms x Wooferface - "Internet Famous" [Premiere]

"You're going to be just fine, I'm your number one fan"; those flirty words coming out of a woman's mouth in the most breathtaking manner  is the final undress-er in Noms and Wooferface's newest track, "Internet Famous". Nom is from Boston and Wooferface is from Philadelphia. Both producers experiment heavily with accelerated shuffles of electronic bass and percussion. Maybe you've heard of their names through their online DJ presence or maybe you saw Noms play at one of Earmilk/S!CK MAGIC events last month.

"Internet Famous" is the mix we are premiering today and believe me, it is rightfully named. The semi-creepy, semi-spontaneous plucking melody sets a psychedelic mood and later entrancing you to a euphoric room with two back and forth voices comforting, telling you how everything will be okay. We all know, in the end, "we all go mad sometimes". Listen to the luring track and grab a free download below. It'll make you want to play hide and seek in the woods after midnight. 


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