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The Attic Ends - "Out Of Your Element" [VIDEO]

The Attic Ends is an indie band based from Brooklyn, New York. Each member of this quartet comes from a different musical background, which only leads to a great array of sounds and stylistic approaches in music writing. Mixing rock with pop, they release powerful pieces that are to be reckoned with.

Their talents were recognized by the influential hip-hop artist and producer Shing02, who recently gave their track "Our Of Your Element", a visual overhaul with some thoughtful directing (see video below). It's a hair-raising song filled with emotion and subtle messages. Shing02 wrote and directed his own short film using the track to portray two similar yet equally contrasting story lines that occur in two different generations, appropriately titling the work, "Then-N-Now". The relevancy and truth behind the video's concept is compelling enough to make you want to watch it through the end. Support both The Attic Ends and Shing02 on their social sites and check back for more updates from these artists.



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