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Odesza - "How Did I Get Here"

When told that two artists that you enjoy individually are joining forces, being struck by a wave of excitement would be a common reaction. This emotion of elation, although predominant, may also be served with a side dish of uneasiness. What if the artists cant agree on the direction they want to take the music, or what if they do agree and the music just turns out terribly? Fortunately, there are times when artists' music align so fluidly and when collaborations seem so natural that uncertainty never arises-- case in point, when producers BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid announced they are linking up to form Odesza.

Download: ODESZA - How Did I Get Here

As Odesza is readying for the release of their debut album "Summer's Gone", set to be launched sometime next month, the production duo has offered up a first taste of what the album may have in store for us with the single "How Did I Get Here". If first impressions are everlasting, Odesza has successfully made a strong opening statement, crafting a track that in spite of being tantalizingly short, will leave the listener enthralled, yearning for more. "How Did I Get Here" features a vocal sample from Lily Allen's (now going by Lily Rose Cooper) track "22" that has been chopped up and layered in effects, reemerging as something original yet still brimming with Lily's intoxicating charm. The rest of the song's production is spot on, but acts in a subservient manner for the preeminence of the outstanding vocals. Despite only lasting a little over 2 minutes, "How Did I Get Here" packs a lot of staying power into a short time frame, perfect for holding us over until the album drops next month.



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