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Kenetik – "The Window Seat Air Traveler's Anthem"

Kenetik is a part-time music producer and a full-time software developer from Cape Town, South Africa. His musical project is brought to life through what we might describe as "acoustic electronic chillwave". While I've been following him on SoundCloud for quite some time, and have found his work never ceases to disappoint, he is virtually unknown to the public media though he has gathered a respectable number of followers and fans. After a quiet month of anticipating new music from Kenetik, he recently gave us something to sniff out. 

"The Window Seat Air Traveler's Anthem" is his latest track. The inspiration of this song is pretty self-explanatory, hence the track title. With jet engines roaring in the beginning seconds of the song, Kenetik gives us more content to visualize and imagine before kicking off with ambient acoustic effects that knock you back into a different world. "The Window Seat Air Traveler's Anthem" is a fantastic piece that tells an ambiguous story about the mystery and the majestic feeling you get traveling to foreign places. That is a small analysis of what I thought, but of course these types of tunes shouldn't be taken with one meaning or path (to each his own). This particular piece really spoke to me. Just coming back from massive journey, I had my fair share of time with the window seat on airplanes and buses. For the frequent travelers out there, I guarantee you can relate to this track.

So stream, and fly away. 


Chillwave · Electronic


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