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Arts & Craft Presented by EARMILK

The inherent union that exists between music and visual art is one of convenience and necessity. Presented by EARMILK, the Arts & Craft video series is a unique audio and visual experience in which visual artists create original works of art inspired by the music of Aleon Craft and Atlanta based creative collective SMKA

With music arranged and produced by SMKA and video produced by editorial photographer Dustin Chambers, each installment in the monthly series will include a new song as well as footage documenting each artists' creative process. The twelve month series will include a live gallery show in Atlanta in 2013.

Inspired by Aleon Craft's "Good Morning World", the inaugural edition of Arts & Craft showcases the work of Atlanta graphic designer and illustrator Sean Fahie. Watch as Fahi brings Aleon Craft's lyrics to life on canvas and be sure to check in next month for the second edition of Arts & Craft Presented by EARMILK.

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