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Sneaky Sound System - "Friends" (Norman Doray Remix)

Sneaky Sound System, the duo from Australia, is really making a wave with their fresh, new single "Friends" off of their new album titled "From Here To Anywhere"Although the original track is already a hot, catchy, electro-pop tune on it's own, there's definitely room for play as some of the greatest contenders in the dance scene have shown us with their unique remixes. The single includes five remixes from Norman Doray,Plastic PlatesJonny Pow!!Beni, and even Sneaky Sound System's own Black Angus.

The French hottie, Norman Doray gives us a clubby twist on "Friends" complete with vocal echoing and hard-hitting techno kick-drums. Doray's remix is fit for any late night, bottle-popping fun. On another note, LA based Felix Bloxsom aka Plastic Plates, gives the song a more disco feel, keeping the original's guitar riff flowing, and adding a toe-tapping, boggie beat, which is highly complimentary to singer Connie Mitchell's vocals. The last remix we've highlighted is from Aussie native Jonny Pow!!, who adds his touch of electro synths, and also keeps adisco groove with a very captivating drum beat, to smooth it all out. All of these remixes are available now on iTunes, and Sneaky Sound System has even made a video for "Friends" which was shot in Tokyo, Japan, enjoy.

Download: Sneaky Sound System - Friends (Norman Doray Remix)

Download: Sneaky Sound System - Friends (Jonny Pow!! Remix)

Download: Sneaky Sound System - Friends (Plastic Plates remix)

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