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Zedd - "Spectrum" (Feat. Matthew Koma) [EP Stream]

When an artist releases a song that has reached astronomical success just as Zedd's summer hit "Spectrum" has, how do they follow up to keep the momentum going? In this case, Interscope has released the "Spectrum EP" with a variety of different approaches on Zedd's original. With remixes done by trance giants Arty and Armin Van Buuren, break-out electro house star Deniz Koyuelectro veteren Congorock, dubstep producer Monsta,  and unexpected collaborations such as Tristan Garner Gregori Klosman and Clockwork A-Trak, the "Spectrum" EP promises to deliver whatever your EDM tastes may desire. It even includes an original collaboration between Zedd and heavyweight Nicky Romero, arguably two of the scenes biggest rising stars.

The most unique take on "Spectrum" goes to Tristan Garner & Gregori Klosman, who's remix starts off sounding not too shy from the soundtrack of an epic medieval fantasy such as Game of Thrones or Braveheart. Suddenly with a war marching trumpet, you are brought into a gritty, bouncy drop that Klosman & Garner are so famous for. The delicateness of a beautiful fantasy is instantly shattered to become a relentless bass pummeling. With the exception of Matthew Koma's vocals and a few glitches, this remix is a completely different approach to "Spectrum" which will either horrify you or make you want to march off to war. 

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Gregori Klosman & Tristan Garner Knights Remix)

The undeniable heir to the trance throne is back with another great song. This time, Arty remixes "Spectrum" by Zedd and takes it on a beautiful journey that sweeps up emotion with synths and pads that create a huge rush.This remix is a game-changer with his mesmerizing style and ability, Arty definitely makes this track his own. For a remix of Spectrum that doesn't follow the rule-book but still maintains a beautiful, melodic appeal, Arty's remix of Spectrum is a must have.

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Arty Remix)

If any artist brings the funk in their remix, it is definitely no surprise that the artist happens to be A-Trak and Clockwork. This remix starts off with a groovy bassline very similar to A-Trak's remix of "The Night Out". Next, it switches into a unique breakdown slicing up Matthew Koma's delicate vocals back into that same heavy, bassline. This remix has a unique funky flavour applied to it. You may have heard enough "Spectrum" remixes to last you a lifetime but A-Trak and Clockworks' remix is definitely one to hold over for. 

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (A-Trak & Clockwork Remix)

Overall, the "Spectrum" EP is a quality release sure to re-energize Zedd's original with many diverse, rich remixes.

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Congorock Remix)

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Monsta Remix)

Stream:Zedd feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Deniz Koyu Remix) 

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