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Damn Kids – "Udjo Buto" [EP Stream]

Damn Kids is back with another three-track EP titled "Udjo Buto", showcasing his talent for synth design and proclivity for unconventional percussion samples and atmospheric pads. The EP embodies an experimental approach to writing dance music, grounded in finely honed technical skills and deep musicality, with disparate influences ranging from tribal and tech house to more aggressive bass music.

The title track is not your typical, well punctuated, high-dynamic-range dance tune. "Udjo Buto" begins with incredible atmospherics, and builds on what resembles a feral animal howling in to an enormous desert canyon. From there, it transitions to a mainline which sounds like a tribal witch-doctor conducting ritualistic fire-dancing goddess worship, and is complemented by a tight and finely tuned rhythm section replete with the eccentric sampling which tends to characterize Damn Kids' productions.

Stream:Damn Kids – Udjo Buto (Original Mix)

'Sobek' feels less dark than the title track, until the tension-building opening top-line morphs in to a monster synth. Despite how heavily the keys saturate the mix, Damn Kids signature percussion cuts through like a razor — a testament to his impressive technical skills.

Stream:Damn Kids – Sobek (Original Mix)

The third and final track, a collaboration with Bombaman titled 'Gaspon', exemplifies the pair's talent for sound design in the eerie atmospherics, and their detail-driven production aesthetic, in the constant evolution of their synth lines.

Stream:Damn Kids, Bombaman – Gaspon (Original Mix) 



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