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2800 Stunnaman – "Johnny Ca$h" (Chrome Wolves Remix) [Premiere]

So here's a newcomer to EARMILK, whom I wholeheartedly believe will make many more appearances here, by the name of Chrome Wolves. Hailing from the Portland area, I discovered Chrome Wolves music during a late night chat session with a friend. And damn, I was feeling his sound. First track that I want to present is an exclusive premiere of a remix of 2800 Stunnaman's "Johnny Ca$h". The Chrome Wolves' rework is a slowed down remix coupled with an emphasized low bass line. Nothing too crazy or insane, but with sufficient amount of bass kick to make the room rumble.

The second track is a bootleg of Active Child's original "Hanging On" which is magnificent. I'm extremely partial to PRFFTT's Ellie Goulding remix, however Chrome Wolves' bootleg is easily on par. Definitely seems to have a different feel to it mainly due to the vocals of Active Child – more soulful, and that's an aspect that Chrome Wolves hits home with the deeper bass and snare. I've had the pleasure of hearing some unreleased material, and you can expect to hear the same quality in these tracks as well.



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