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Hot Chip – "Look At Where We Are" (Major Lazer & Junior Blender Remix)

If there's one thing I appreciate about Major Lazer, it's the variety of sounds that Major is able to work with. Teaming up with Junior Blender, who hails from Germany, they create a reggae remix of Hot Chip's "Look At Where We Are". Hot Chip's original song has a very dreamy sound which fits in quite perfectly with the lyrical content of the track, but this remix reinvents the original to a more playful state. For me, I envision the track demonstrating a flirtatious scene between a guy and girl in which the mood is lighthearted and fun. And that sounds like a damn near perfect summer track. 

Stream: Hot Chip – Look At Where We Are ( MAJOR LAZER vs JUNIOR BLENDER mix)

For an added bonus, I'm including Major Lazer's solo remix that has a definitive bass heavier sound than above remix and original. Unfortunately no free download for this either, but still worthy of many plays.

Dancehall · Reggae


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