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Jon Arrington – "Let 'Em Have It" [Video]

A name that isn't particularly prevalent in the Hip Hop world yet, Jon Arrington looks set to change that. The Chicago inhabitant comes from an angle that seems to be on the rise recently, spewing intelligent Hip Hop rather than the cliche incoherent jibberish that often finds its way on the airwaves these days. Riding off of an eloquent vocabulary, stylish flow and ambitious nature, his latest work "Let 'Em Have It" is a striking example of what's to come from this talented young artist.


Produced by Blendie Babies (Kid Cudi, Freddie Gibbs, The Cool Kids), the single is refreshingly clean, produced with a precision and execution that sets it apart from the common 'Underground' Hip Hop we hear these days. Serving as the lead single off of his upcoming Let 'Em Have It EP, Arrington's latest work is generating a respectable amount of interest from around the music culture. His upcoming EP is set to make marks, so keep an eye out for this kid in the future.



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  • Whoa. This is amazing.

    Avatar Kelly P. July 19, 2012 7:17 AM Reply
  • Finally … something good to listen to.

    Avatar King Colin July 19, 2012 5:18 PM Reply
  • Nice write up about new artist Jon Arrington.  "Spewing intelligent Hip Hop."  Hey, that was an intelligent write-up picking up precisely what he artist wanted to convey in his music.  Good work.  Oh yeah, interesting background.  Comes from a background where mom's a lawyer and dad's a doctor.

    Avatar Claude T July 20, 2012 9:22 PM Reply

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