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Mr. Moods – "Mystical Power"

Mr. Moods (Christian Denis) has always been my go-to guy when I'm driving around in the city at night. The Canadian beat maker loves exploring the many territories of music, but of course, he keeps within the realms of beat-driven tunes. He likes to use samples from other works as well as incorporating his own sound engineering. He approaches his work as a fine art that has layers and different textures and qualities, which definitely shows through in "Mystical Power".

The track, which is off of his latest album, The Strings of Life, really caught my attention. Kicking off with simple strings, it gives us that majestic feel even up to and through beginning of the jazzy drum beat. It's a low-gear groove that matches an urban environment to the core.

If you are like me, I always enjoy songs that match my current environment,which happened to be in the relatively calm city at night. With a modest amount of ambient, this tune will put your mood into another dimension. Check out his other tracks and soon enough, you'll realize why Denis chose the name Mr. Moods.

Whether you are in the city or not, Mr. Moods has the ability to move your inner feelings from point A to point B.

Play: Mr. Moods – Mystical Power

Get your chill on with The Strings of Life: HERE

Downtempo · Electronic


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