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Framework - It's Killing Me [EP]

Here's a very nifty little pay-what-you-want EP coming from Montréal's Framework. Comprising of 50% of Canadian duo Sibian & Faun, Framework (or Milo Reindhartd if you're his mum) makes future-garage with forlorn vocal samples. To be honest, these tracks are very similar to his work with Sibian & Faun, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right? The title track "It's Killing Me" was released individually as a free download about a year ago, so it's nice to see that it's gotten a full release as an EP on Montréal's Infinite Machine label, with an original B-side and remix from Ryan Hemsworth.

"It's Killing Me", opens with some very lush, surrounding synths and doesn't take long to kick in some haunting Burial-like female backing vocals. The track seems very melancholic, very heartbroken. Not exactly a feel-good summer anthem, but an enjoyable and decent track nonetheless.

The same "It's killing Me" sample used throughout does get a bit tired after a while, but the remix on this release provides a really great alternative take on this track. Ryan Hemsworth has kept a lot of the dark vibes of the original track, but by adding some skittering hi-hats and some newer contrasting synths that wouldn't really sound at home on the original, he gives it a new lease on life really, making it a bit more dancey and a bit less sullen.

The B-side on this release, "Quater" keeps up the shadowy atmosphere on the EP, but with a faster tempo and some fresher, though still repeated samples throughout adds some vitality to the EP. The garagey percussion helps with this too.

So pay what you want for it. Go back and pay for it if you downloaded for free and enjoyed it. Do what you want. And keep an eye on Infinite Machine. They've got their fingers in the future-garage pie, with early releases for 123mrk, who recently released an EP for the always on form Squelch & Clap label, and two EPs from Bwana. They're definitely a label to look out for.


Dance · Garage


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