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Azealia Banks - "Neptune" (Feat. Shystie)

Azealia Banks and UK grime MC Shystie have teamed up for “Neptune”, the newest song to be ‘leaked’ from her upcoming mermaid themed,19 track mixtape  Fantasea which is slated to be released later today.  

These two together? I knew it wasn’t gonna be a straight hip-hop joint and I knew it was gonna be bananas. Recently, we’ve seen Shystie venturing away from the typical grime/rap production and experimenting with some pretty hardcore dance beats.

Although there may be a risk of disgruntling their diehard fans that may prefer they stay in their respective ‘mc lanes’, these ladies do not give a monkeys, and continue to stay true to their creative impulses, throwing in plenty of singing for good measure.  The cover art is so fitting in more ways than one.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/52417517" iframe="true" /]

Hip-Hop · U.K.


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Kevin A Brack
9 years ago

Seriously?! Banger after banger this week with take me away vocals peppered in. You really raised the bar this week. Keep it up =]

Yianna Kefelian Cocalas

Chris Lake and JOhn whatever...  I could do without that track that you put up of them.   They took me somewhere then became whitenoise.  Started off well and was a Let Down.  If I wanted washed out white noise that sounds like it's playing at best buy I'll listen to afro jack.

Justice - Yeah, listening to it for a 2nd time.  Takes me someplace, keeps me interested and does not let me down.