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Zebra and Snake – Empty Love Song

Last time we caught up with ethereal synth-pop duo Zebra and Snake, they gifted us an exclusive remix of their previous "Money In Heaven" single. Fast forward a few months and they’re already gearing up to put out another single, following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Healing Music”. Arriving soaked in the gloriously warm, electronic technicolor we’ve come to expect from Zebra and Snake, new single “Empty Love Song” again highlights the band’s extraordinary talent at crafting deep, emotional soundscapes from brooding synth hooks and synthetic beats. Speaking about “Empty Love Song”, the band explained;

"It's pop but then it's healing music – that's an idea that’s carried through every song”. "In the background there's always something healing or comforting. The atmosphere in our music connects with that phrase; it's like a beautiful place that's happy and safe but where there are hidden tragedies."

"Empty Love Song" is out August 20th on 100% Records



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