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Thurz - "Hell's Angel" (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Video]

It seems the break-up of U-N-I didn't faze Thurz because last year he dropped an album that fans of the easy-going duo couldn't have seen coming, that being the highly under appreciated L.A. Riot, an album based solely around the late Rodney King & the 1992 L.A. Riots. Thurz wasn't only able to re-create the atmosphere riot and emotions of the rioters but he also gave the historical event a new sound.

"Hell's Angel" is the second, third or fifth video (depending on how you look at it) to drop from the 2011 project and is one of the more light-hearted tracks off of the album. The video features the very talented BJ The Chicago Kid on the hook and Aaron Harris producing this joint. The video itself encompasses two tracks off of L.A. Riot and transitions into one another with a short scene. While watching one can't help but recall Ice Cube and the transition of "It Was A Good Day" and "Check Yo' Self" in Cube's video for "It Was A Good Day".

Overall though if you haven't heard L.A. Riot I definitely recommend you listen to it especially if you want something new and hard-hitting; it's up for free on Thurz's website (links below) but $7 isn't asking a lot for one of the best hip-hop albums released last year.

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