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The Finger Prince - Mao [EP]

Modern, future and advanced techno - those are fancy new terms but what exactly do they stand for? The new Australian label Motorik! gives us a very good impression of what it might be. After the label's debut release by CSMNT61 with the Keep Holding On EP last month, it quickly got a lot of attention. Their second EP, entitled MAO, was released some days ago and was produced byThe Finger Prince, two Australian guys who are mostly known for their amazing remixes for Azari & IIIGucci Vump or ZZT (together with Light Year) and for their two fantastic EPs on Bang Gang (The Prince Fingers + Conducive II). But now, let us examine the spirit of modern techno:

The title track "MAO" is a perfect example. First of all, it has a complex drum pattern with a lot of percussion and rhythm elements. The fragmented vocals, the LFO, the different synths - all these elements are working together so well in this big and manifold thing. In comparison, "I Do Droogs" is much more straightforward. It evolves incredibly beautifully, with hypnotic vocals and a tiny bit of acid sound. The "Beats & Drums Version" loses many of the numerous elements mentioned above so that it could also be called the "Deep & Dark Version".

The last two tracks of the EP are remixes by Jensen Interceptor (former half of Light Year) who shines with his recent productions and remixes. His debut EP will be released on Motorik! soon as well. The "Last Dance With Mao Remix" is vibrant and bouncy, dominated by a great LFO, a big kick drum and the original vocals. Lastly, there is the "Maonaise Dub" for all of you who want it really, really dark with an insolently strong bassline.

What have we learned? All the tracks are different and I would label all of them with "modern, future and advanced techno." It seems like we still do not have a definition and maybe we shouldn't because - to quote Motorik!'s press release - at the end it should be just "something for everyone, from techno DJs to people who listen to techno DJs."

There is also a free track for you to download: a remix from Light Year and The Finger Prince of "Lemonade" - the instant classic by Boys Noize and Erol Alkan.

Download: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Lemonade (Light Year & The Finger Prince Remix)

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