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Sage - "Oh Well" (Feat. MiC Kurb & Kevin Abstract)

Smooth music came by way of Miami through a young producer-rapper named Sage who took to dropping his track "Oh Well" off his upcoming release, XVII. The album will be available June 26 -- when he turns 17. A member of ASF (Alive Since Forever), the Birmingham,Alabama native's work is more than a little impressive given his age and the age of his cohorts, a young-blooded group comprised of MiC Kurb, Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon and Zero Gravity and host of others -- none of whom are over 21.

Nonetheless, in a digital era where making good music is possible for anyone at any age, we're glad these guys got their hands on a MacBook Pro and some decent mixing software, especially since it means we get work like "Oh Well". 



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  • I mastered this and the XVII album!

    Avatar Sam Sherbin June 21, 2012 4:57 PM Reply
  • Yo this dude's only 16 ? He's tight as fuck. Checked out some of the other cats in ASF. Whole crew's nice

    Avatar K.J. June 21, 2012 6:21 PM Reply

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