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Ta-ku – "Smile"

Looking for something fresh to go with your rough case of the Mondays? Look no more, Ta-ku has got you covered. This ever-active beat maker is at it again, and this time he brings us something to smile about (har har). His track "Smile" brings forth an uplifting mood with a dash of urban classiness. Laced with fantastic beats, a modest amount of synths, and a piano, you can find yourself getting lost in the wonderful auditory cinematic that Ta-ku has graciously set loose into the airwaves.

"Smile" is a track off of a compilation album titled Tempo Dreams Vol 1, courtesy of Tall Black Guy Productions. So go ahead, indulge in this track below. I also highly suggest listening to Tempo Dreams Vol 1 if you are a fan of Ta-ku.



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  • Dope as fuck, dude.

    dazed and confused June 18, 2012 4:50 PM Reply

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