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Zenojim - Wavs & Optiks [EP]

Seattle's Zenojim has peeped us his freshly minted Wavs & Optiks EP. We're glad because it has a style for everyone in the family, ranging from funky house rhythms and subtle wubs to bassy footwork chimeras. A smoked out and loced out remix from Freshmore label head Sines should be enough of a clue that you want to scope this. The Utah-based Bass Machine Music label seems brand spanking new but it's already scooping up some hot talent; Strict Face of Soukouch Ethnik announced a forthcoming release on the label just a few days ago. Dive into Wavs & Optiks now.

The opener "Liquid Hot Magma" lives up to its name with some sitar play that singes the track until it resolves into some tasteful low-to-mid-range crunching. Like many of Zenojim's productions it straddles the line between multiple genres - "Swomp" is also no exception, a neat reggaeton/UK Funky hybrid.

EARMILK readers may remember the track "Playin Sega" from the Phutur Ba$e Compilation Vol. 2; it was a standout there and it knocks just as hard here. The bubbling instrumental is strong enough on its own, but the Biggie sample is flipped beautifully. If this one gets in your head, good luck getting it out. "Ghanadub" is a cybernetic synth-drenched dubstep number; recommended if you like Joker or Ginz. And again, don't neglect the Sines remix which adds a double cup of Houston flavor to "Swomp" and transforms it into a bumping hood rhythm.

Overall, a solid showcase of a debut and a definite producer + label combo to watch out for. Also peep Zenojim's Soundcloud for quite a few free DLs and previews. "Eigenspace" below is just one example of the goodness - you may not want to miss the Three Six Mafia or Mike Jones bootlegs either.

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