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Chaos In The CBD - Dusty Sundays [EP]

About two weeks ago, legendary DJ and author of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Bill Brewster posted a tune he made with two "top chaps" who make up the New Zealand-based production duo Chaos In The CBD. Take their collaboration with such a prolific artist as evidence that Chaos In The CBD has a special talent for crafting tasteful deep house tunes--a special talent that the duo put to good use in its latest release on Amadeus, the Dusty Sundays EP. The four-track record features a remix of "Dusty Sundays" by Jack Dixon, whose lovely bass-minded sound compliments Chaos's intricately dark atmosphere almost too perfectly. The original brews layers of shadowy vocal samples and rounded synth stabs, a style that holds steady throughout the EP: "Girl Like You" spreads vocals thin over a syncopated rhythm, and "In Between" channels a jazzy, soulful sound familiar to fans of Floating Points.

(AMA004) Amadeus Records: Chaos In The CBD - Dusty Sundays EP

Dance · House


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  • I really love their remix of Simply Swag by Daniel Klauser!

    Avatar Shooock June 9, 2012 3:50 PM Reply
  • As a long time devotee to the deep house genre, this stuff really excites me!

    Avatar Danski June 14, 2012 4:48 AM Reply

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