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Tommy Trash & Moguai - "In N' Out"

Tommy Trash and Moguai are two massive and growing electronic house producers, coming from diverse backgrounds in their own specialized sounds. On one hand, you have Tommy Trash's heavy electronic infused tracks that often feature signature sounding synths and a chest-heaving beat. Moguai on the other hand often has a softer side of electronic house taking smooth sounds and layering unique widgets and fidget house upon progressive builds. These two coming together could only lead to great things. And great things were delivered.

Their latest single, "In N' Out" is an outstanding show of Trash and Moguai's talent. The way the initial melody slowly creeps into the main synth structure gives you signs of both of these producers' influence. From high peeks to beautifully mastered transitions you can't be left sitting alone without needing to hear the piece at least one more. A sweet, funky blend of rhythmic synths pulls you in only to send you out with a heavy beat. The initial use of the tune's catchiness makes this track enjoyable from start to finish. 

Stream: Tommy Trash and Moguai - In N' Out (Original Mix)

Electro · Progressive


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8 years ago

Didn't take you seriously but this is delicious start to finish.