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Adventure Club - "Wait"

Adventure Club has always had a place in EARMILK's heart with their amazing transition of girl vocals and heavy, based infused dubstep. Despite the constant 'fire war' over whether or not brostep is actual dubstep and whether grimey, modernized dubstep is 'real dubstep' I have yet to find anyone that does not appreciate Adventure Club. These two Montreal natives have set the tone for what dubstep should sound like, blaring out of your speakers, on more than one remix.

From their flawless ability to capture the innocence in female vocals to the wincing bass that often highlights their sound, these two are on a speedway to success with over 100,000 plays on every track on their Soundcloud page. From seeing Adventure Club live, twice now, I can say that they put on a performance like none other. From playing their own heavy hitters to the newest and dirtiest singles they've managed to keep me entranced from their initial song to their encore both times. Check out to see if Adventure Club is coming near you soon here.

Today I present you with their latest work that's uses the vocals of the hugely successful "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Yet again, I'm blown away by Leighton and Christian's ability to take the female vocals and transition them perfectly with a deep bass that shakes your very heart. From their smooth transition from singing to a climactic build, you're never left unamused as the track catches your attention from the initial chords which completely changes from the original to the final beat.

What really stuck out on this track was the precision and clarity Adventure Club had when it came to keeping the vocals that everyone loves and knows from the original. You can find a similar style with their Metric remix. I'm excited to see what these two have in store for us over the summer. Listen to the track below and grab a free download while they last.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/47970784" iframe="true" /]

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9 years ago

Dammmmmn Girlllllll. this firey

9 years ago

A good song, but expected a little bit more

9 years ago

this isn't an original its by the YEA YEA YEAs