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Ski Lodge - "A Game" [Video]

Death and cereal has never looked so appealing before Ski Lodge's "A Game" video. Fronted by Andrew Marr, this Brooklyn quartet is currently working on a full length to follow last year's self titled EP. "A Game" is taken from their previous record and Brooklyn Vegan premiered the official music video on May, 22nd. The visual production was directed by Ian Sotzing, featuring Marr and an attractive friend of his. Right away, we see his friend preparing her breakfast but as soon as she picks up a kitchen knife, the screen follows her to stabbing Marr in his sleep. At the same time, her cereal is being soaked and she returns to eating it with blood dripping everywhere. The blunt morbidness is far from Ski Lodge's catchy surf pop music but there is a little connection. Watch the video below.

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