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Hush War Cry - Voices [EP Premiere]

Yesterday, No Fear Of Pop premiered the music video of the first track, "Apparitions" from Feel Good Lost. The ensemble of five melancholic songs are introduced by a tenderhearted voice being chased and haunted by a man in black (video below). Voices is a collection that stays in a mild wistful part of our system, where all you want to do is pace through time with your sentimental memories. The power of dream pop plays an transcendental role in their indie rock and at times, there is an operatic tone in Hush War Cry. It is evident this irish quartet is passionate and we can feel that. "Asleep" is a personal favorite track but listen to the entire EP here. Also, feel free to order a limited edition of handmade CDs via Delphi Label. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2014730" height="200" iframe="true" /]


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