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Adventure Galley - "Weekend Lovers" [Video Premiere]

Starting 2012 off on the right note, EARMILK had the opportunity to premiere 3 tracks off of Adventure Galley's upcoming LP. One of those tracks, "Weekend Lovers," just received a video accompaniment and EARMILK is excited to have the premiere. Despite being the band's first video, the Benjamin Ross Lyerly-directed reel adds a hypnotic visual experience which acts to reinforce the already vibrant nature of "Weekend Lovers." Drawing inspiration from the song's lyric "neon jungles," the video captures what looks to be the most fantastic neon-centric party I've ever seen. Despite my first guess that the video was shot in Pandora, the reality that it was filmed in a century-old church in Portland, OR known locally as "Funky Church," is surprisingly only slightly less exciting. Flashing between a neon-filled sub-reality and its unlensed counter-reality, the former adds an additional layer of liberation to an already exhilarating party. This is particularly noticeable as quarrelsome guests clash one moment, only to find themselves intimately interlocked as "weekend lovers" the next. Enjoy the video and know it's okay to feel envious of those at the party. I do.

Download: Adventure Galley - Weekend Lovers

Adventure Galley will be making a stop to play in Merced, CA on Saturday 5/19 on their way to their show on Sunday 5/20 at the Hudson Block Party in West Hollywood. Alongside Adventure Galley at the Hudson Block Party will be acts such as White Rabbits, LP, Of Montreal (DJ set), and The Neighbourhood, not to mention delicious food. For those not living in Cali, Adventure Galley plans on completing a more extensive tour this summer and fall. Keep an eye out on their Facebook and official site for those dates.

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I think this is the worst video ever!

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Ashley hater
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