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Shaky Snakes - "Clark Drive Sunrise" [Premiere]

What do you do in your apartment? On second thought, don't answer that question. Too many activities could be said and none of that is relevant because the spotlight is on Shaky Snakes today. Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, Shaky Snakes makes music from his home, which happens to be an apartment. This is the part where I tell you how his music differs from all the DIY musicians and this time, you WILL be sold. 

Our premiere is taken from Shaky Snakes' Del Boca Vista, his latest EP. The record is a short little collection of intricate experimental layers empowered by bleary components of melancholic drones. If you're a fan of Washed Out's distant vocals and the obscure auto-tuned Sufjan Stevens, then you'll really appreciate the lo-fi utterances of Shaky Snakes. Del Boca Vista is where folk-tronic meets its destiny with hazy pop. The exclusive track, titled "Clark Drive Sunrise" has a suspenseful undertone between the sounds of ocean waves and his voice being dauntingly compressed. It lingers through your ears and the rest of your body in a wistful yet satisfying manner.

Snakes says the sample was from a British piano man, adding "I wrote it with a very specific visual in mind; driving in the early morning, in slow-motion - right into the rising sun - all lens flare and bluriness. The words are based on a mantra I try to remind myself of as much as possible: don't worry about others or what they think about you.  Do your thing and follow your heart and/or the sun."

Tomorrow, Shaky Snakes will release Del Boca Vista for free on his bandcamp. He will also have a limited amount of cassette tapes available via Purr Tapes. Support the cause and pre-order it below.  

Download:shaky snakes - clark drive sunrise

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