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Kero One - "Fast Life" (Feat. Esna) [Video]

In a genre full of bragging, boasting, sex and gun toting, it's good to have artists like Kero One making the kind of positive, lighthearted music he's known for.If you're looking for complex lyricism, unfortunately you will fail to quench your thirst, but if you're looking for a fix of chill and at times socially concious music by an honest artist then you simply cannot overlook this Korean-American rapper. 

This particular cut is off of his third album, Kinetic World, an album that actually came out almost two years ago. Now I'm not entirely sure what the intention of releasing a video so late is, maybe to breathe new life into the album? Either way I'm happy to see one of my favourite songs off of Kinetic World with visuals.



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