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Steven A. Clark - "Chemistry" [Video]

Fayetteville,North Carolina native/Miami-based singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark recently unveiled the accompanying visuals to his recently liberated Mr. Familiar produced track "Chemistry." The visuals, to quote a line from the song's hook, are "out of this world" and abstract. Created and edited by Free LVE, the near three-minute video contains excerpts from Russian writer/director Mikhail Karzhukov's 1962 sci-fi film, Battle Beyond the Sun. 

While Clark is absent from the video, that in no way affects the vid's ability to connect with and convey  the song's message. I personally feel some of the most creative and entertaining vids are those in which the artist are not present. As stated in a previous post, "Chemistry" will not be featured on Clark's upcoming album Fornication Under Consent of The King. However, the track is available for download via Soundcloud.

Fornication Under Consent of The King due out June 11 via L&E Media Co.



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