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Dillon Cooper - "Shadows Pt. II" [Video]

You need to remember the name Dillon Cooper so you can brag to all your hipster friends that you found him first. This is only his third video after garnering major attention with only two visuals and a mixtape set to drop anytime in June. Dillon is a 19-year-old kid from Brooklyn who's temporarily relocated to Boston for schooling at Berklee College of Music. After deciding music was what he wanted to do, he dropped out to chase his fame. He seems to be off to a great start because this video is incredibly professional and he has bars for days. Check it out below and stay ont he lookout for more Dillon Cooper!

 Dillon Cooper - Shadows Pt. II

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Dashon Davis
Dashon Davis
9 years ago

Not only he's a rollerblader, but he's very good at rapping. Keep it up Dillon and keep repping all us bladers out there.

9 years ago

Brooklynite moves to Boston to attend one of the best music schools in the world and drops out after one year, already blowin up the internets.

Boston def has the tendency to make one want to quit all the frustrated rat race pursuits and just do for yourself instead. That stoic pioneer mentality--just ask Johnny Adams and Benny Franklin.

I like Dillon already.