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Foxes - "Let Go For Tonight (demo)" [Premiere]

Last November (September for those who were on top of their game), Brit-Pop sensation Foxes was exposed the masses -- her hit single "Youth" made its way on a number of blogs. It seemed to be atop the charts across the board, and for what many thought would be a brief stint, the latest buzz was all about Foxes. Accompanied by fan favorite b-side "Home," the single became the focal point of many singer/songwriter discussions as 2011 came to a close.

Exceeding expectations, her buzz lingered on -- thanks in part to a consistent stream of new fans, steady flow of new coverage on blogs and of course a bit of a tour to help promote her debut work as well as her upcoming Warrior EP. Due for release July 3rd and already one of the most anticipated debuts for a new artist, the EP looks to capitalize on the overwhelming feedback received thus far in her young career with expectations to catapult her into the same level of discussion as more famous brit-poppers like Lily Allen.

Following the video release of "White Coats" earlier this year, Foxes is releasing the latest (demo) single off of the forthcoming work: "Let Go For Tonight." While the track holds fast to the worldly toned elements that her previous works are centered around, it also brings an explosive element to her sound that hasn't been showcased before. "White Coats" was in itself a breathtaking anthematic tune, yet "Let Go For Tonight" may be her most gripping song yet. The track was co-written with Kid Harpoon (a major contributor to Florence + The Machine's latest album Ceremonials), whose influence and style is immediately recognizable. Sung with extraordinary heart, the lyrics propel over the gentle instrumental with such ambition that they quickly become the centerpiece in what is an overall fascinating anthem.

Download: Foxes - Let Go For Tonight [demo]

Be sure to keep an eye out for more from Foxes over the next month(s), and mark down July 3rd in your calendars so you can grab the EP the moment it becomes available. In the meantime, give your hipster cred some HP and follow Foxes on here social media outlets:

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