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A Sol Mechanic - "Noir Blooming"

Your favorite soundscape artist A Sol Mechanic is back with a brand new bag. His fresh off the press track, "Noir Blooming," really struck a home-run with me. Known for his use of unusual and unorthodox sounds, he almost does a 180 with this tune. Coasting off with a beautiful piano, it slowly escalates when a modest-yet-catchy beat enters. Soon after, there is a drop with additional modest elements thrown into the fray. The drop isn't huge, but it is definitely steep in a different style. "Noir Blooming" induces what I call the classic downtempo, head-bob syndrome for which there is no cure. 

I'm going to have to visit Dr. ASM to get this checked out. But first, let me just put my car in a low-speed cruise-control and coast...

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/46518694" iframe="true" /]


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great 8
great 8
9 years ago


Volker Matthes
9 years ago