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Kitty Pryde - "Okay Cupid" [Video]

It's pretty cool that a girl with less than 100,000 YouTube hits and a full time job at Claire's can be featured in the arts section of the New York Times. (But stranger things have happened.) Well, that's the life of Kitty Pryde (aka Kitty Beckwith of Florida). One day she's just another Daytona Beach high school student who writes swaggg rhymes about relationships and summer malaise, and the next... well she has a photo shoot with Danny Brown and some MTV interviews coming up. Plus, the NYT gig. Let's take a listen to her latest.

Download: kitty pryde- okay cupid

Beat sound at all familiar? Like maybe a Lil B, or maybe some A$AP Rocky? That's right, codeine-waves courtesy of producer Beautiful Lou. Big name for a Tumblr/Bandcamp artist (with fewer than 1,000 likes on Facebook) who's basically capitalizing on blog in-jokes, and spoonfuls and spoonfuls of sickeningly sweet "princess" irony. Either way, I love the style. Which is where this dope video comes in.

I wish I was this cool in high school. I never day drank. I didn't have a flask. I didn't party like this: Lordy, shorty you're a ten, and I'll wait for your drunk dials at 3:30 AM, I love them. What a choice rhyme. Why didn't I know people like this? Sure, maybe the overlaid, washed-out music video aesthetic is a bit done-to-death, but the single frame of her "princess" inner lip tattoo makes up for it. Keep checking Earmilk for more out of this up and coming pseudo-swag-sweetheart. Enjoy.

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