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The World Keeps On Turning - Red Baron, Rumpistol

Here we go with a slow one for the mellow ones, or for those rainy days where you feel self-reflection is an ultimate must. Off of Rumpistol’s new release Floating on label Project Mooncircle, comes “The World Keeps On Turning", a down-tempo ballad, reminiscent of a grown up lullaby. This single was a pleasant surprise in a musical genre I typically tend to steer clear of. Not for dislike, but lack of education. In my regular music searching I decided to veer off the beaten path and was struck by the eerie and captivating simplicity of this song. The humble showings of the piano, matched with the basic drumbeat layered with the vocals, makes for a soothing combination.

The album, collaboration with Red Baron, features a pleasant mix of post dub step beats and vocals with a chilled vibe. Rumpistol, hailing from Denmark, marries Red Baron’s dreamy voice over a variety of up and down tempo beats, expertly seen again on the single Dinosaurs.  Floating is Rumpistol’s fourth release and a great foray in to a genre pushing showcase of the power of collaborative production. A definite recommendation for those looking for that certain something. 

Download: Red Baron, Rumpistol - The World Keeps On Turning (Original Mix)



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