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Daily 2% – Chilled and Ready to Serve [Oneohtrix Point Never]

This is your Daily 2%, chilled and ready to serve. Many of you are winding down your day, preparing for one final go around before the weekend. As a society, we usually operate off of some sort of mitigating source when transcending from the stressful work mode into relaxation, whether that be a hard drink or something more herbal. Here at EARMILK, it's often a combination of both, centered around a track that puts our mind at ease.

Breakfast picture for a dinnertime post? It's fair to assume we're a bit mushed in the brain at the moment, courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy's Oneohtrix Point Never's entrancing rendition of Ben Selvin's classic "I Only Have Eyes For You." It's a rare moment here at EARMILK when we can't really put into words the beauty of a track, but currently, this reincarnation has left us speechless. The words we lack this track will make up for in sound, it's a glitchy, haunting, spacey, dreamy atmospheric magic carpet ride that will lay you down some place gentle. Sit back, relax and Chill. . .


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