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Bobby Womack – "Please Forgive My Heart" (Damon Albarn/Richard Russell Remix)

It's safe to say that Bobby Womack's fan base has likely been experiencing some rapid growth due the incorporation of new converts thanks to his recent collaborative efforts with Damon Albarn in the past couple years, and more recently XL honcho Richard Russell. While the soulful confessional "Please Forgive My Heart", off of Womack's upcoming album The Bravest Man In The Universe, is a great record in its original form, Albarn and Russell take the lead single to the next level with a high-octane DJ/rave-friendly rework that is sure to further broaden the appeal of Womack and his upcoming album. 

Fifteen years ago you would've been hard pressed to find someone to entertain the thought of Bobby Womack and rave being mentioned in the same sentence. Give the song a listen and mark your calendars for Womack's upcoming release, which is entirely produced by Albarn and Russell.The Bravest Man In The Universe available June 12 via XL Recordings.


Dance · Soul


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  • este tio mola 

    adx May 11, 2012 9:43 AM Reply
  • Mehh…   Kind of soundz just like the original…   Hmmm…   I Wonder Why…   ???    (Same Producers)

    B-Boy Rock-Star May 11, 2012 10:21 AM Reply

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