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Childish Gambino - "F*ck Your Blog"

Although there's been quite a bit of debate as to whether Childish Gambino's fame can be attributed to his tight flow or his previous appearances on NBC, one thing is for sure: he's definitely making noise in the industry. So much noise in fact that he can now drop a song completely meant as a comedy piece and be featured on high profile blogs and magazine websites across the internet. We're referring of course to his lastest drop featuring comedy duo Yung Humma and Flynt Flossy titled "Fuck Your Blog." Gambino calls out all haters and vocalists who say all his buzz can be attributed to his NBC fame, while Flossy and Humma provide biting commentary as well.

Download: Childish Gambino - Fuck Your Blog

After dropping a track like this it's easy to conclude that NBC contributed to his hip hop stardom -- it definitely did -- but what constitues a "real" rapper is skill. Allen Iverson rapped, Shaq rapped, even Ron Artest has picked up a microphone and all those artists never saw past their initial laugh. Gambino has surpassed that and that means more than saying his celebrity made him as big as he is now.

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