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Explosions in the Sky - "Postcard from 1952" [Video]

Explosions in the Sky is known for those epic instrumentals that would take you on journeys from the very first second to the very last second of any song. Only recently did they start working on music videos, which I took much interest in. Any fan of EITS knows that a lot of their work is up in the air for interpretation. The only guidance we listeners get is from the title name and the theme of the album. So now, they give us an opportunity to see what possible idea or interpretation they themselves have on their own work. Today, they released their latest music video for their track "Postcard from 1952," which is off of their latest album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. Created by Annie Gunn and Peter Simonite, they attempt to capture the essence of the track.

How? Their approach to this music video is quite simple, yet intriguing. They filmed and directed the video around a moment in time from a variety of postcards from the 1950s. From the still shots, they film what actions and emotions took place before and after each photo. In addition, they filmed the footage in slow motion. The idea behind this music video is pretty simple, yet beautiful.    


You can check out what postcards they used to piece the film together here

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