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RAC - "Hollywood (Featuring Penguin Prison)"

Remix Artist Collective, better known as RAC, has been churning out new, solid tracks, almost every week for the past good while. With effort often comes reward, which RAC is certainly receiving as they are one of the most sought after remix artists out right now. Their music constantly tops the charts, and it's no surprise -- their work is guaranteed quality.

Today they released their debut single on Green Label Sound "Hollywood (Featuring Penguin Prison)," which has in just 4 hours circulated around and found placement on 10 major blogs and multiple websites. The track is their first non-remix release in quite some time, and it's a bit refreshing to see the original side of the group. A solid, poppy tune, "Hollywood" has the potential to groove its way to solid radio play, and will most certainly place RAC at the top of most aggregators once again. Enjoy the track below, and dance on. Summer is coming.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/43336230" iframe="true" /]



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