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ChromadaData - "Soul Fewd"

ChromadaData is slowly but surely invading my music library one track at a time. If you guys haven't noticed, I am a huge fan of anything chill or laid back. Needless to say, he fits well within my requirements. ChromadaData is back yet again with another tune called "Soul Fewd". Keeping true to his style, this tuned-down song goes well with anything. Anything relaxing that is. I admire his ability to keep his work simple and not overwhelm you with complex layering and sounds. This minimalistic approach definitely pays off in my opinion. It's raining hard right now as I write this and thundering off in the distance. This weather usually puts me in an uptight mood especially during my busiest week of the year. But not to fear, ChromadaData is here. 

So put yourself in low gear and coast. Whether your night is busy or your night is full of nothing, do it to it. And do it slow.

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Downtempo · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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